How much money can I make?

Answer »Your income is unrestricted. Our sites are extremely well marketed niche adult sites, so they have high conversion ratios. The more traffic you send the more money you make! If you feel that you can do some heavy promoting for sites then we recommend you ICQus ASAP so we can work something out.


How do I get paid?

Answer » uses CCBill (including SegPay in the cascade), a trusted name in the adult industry, so that you can rest assured your stats and payments are always correct. Checks (and wire transfers, on request) are sent directly to you from CCBill (and for us too), and you can even combine payments into one if you promote other affiliate programs through CCBill to reduce fees. If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsered referral program you can do that now! If you have ever worked with the CCBill webmaster program, you will know that it is very transparent and allows you a full control of your traffic and your sales! You get your money directly from CCBill and not from us. That makes this program absolutely reliable for you. After you sign-up you'll be provided with a username and password so you can log into your stats page where you can keep track of your earnings.


When do I get paid?

Answer »Once a week, every Wednesday, or by special request CCBILL could make payments on different schedule.


What do I use to promote your sites with?

Answer »Once you signup for our program and get inside the webmasters area, you will find a wide variety of promotional items for you to download (or link to) to promote our paysites with. Your linking codes to our sites are automatically generated for you, so you don't have to waste time using 'find and replace' to get your links setup!


How does it work?

Answer »After you have joined our referral program we begin tracking the visitors you send to our website. We do this by using cookies - a tag that lets us know that the visitors are coming from you. If any one of those visitors buys our membership, while their cookie is valid, you get credit for the sale. The referral program is provided by our payment processor CCBill. It's all done online and automatically. You just need to fill up a form and place some code (and our banner or text link) on your website. It's absolutely free!


Where do I check my stats?

Answer »You can check your stats in real time on


Do you have free hosted galleries?

Answer »Surely YES!All you have to do is grab the FHG links and place them on your sites or import into your gallery rotation software databases! Galleries have different templates, so you can choose the ones you like or that fit your traffic the best and maximize the profits.


Can I make my own galleries?

Answer »Yes! We have tons of zipped content ready to be downloaded for your use! Plus, we update it on a frequent basis, so you always will have new content.


Can I send traffic any way? Blind links, Exits, etc.

Answer »You can send traffic any way you want as long as you do not violate our spam rules. If you want to send traffic via pop ups, text links, banners, newsletters, message boards, newsgroups, etc. that is permitted. tracks all sorts of traffic, including exit traffic too, so our affiliates get paid even if their visitors don't sign up the first time they visit our sites.


What about "SPAM" traffic?

Answer »Spam is only acceptable if it is a double opt-in e-mail and is in accordance with local, state, and national SPAM or ANTI SPAM laws and regulations.



Answer »Yes! Never, under any circumstances, use any other pictures or videos to promote our paysites unless authorized by us. You may not hot-link sample videos or photos/graphics on our galleries or paysites! Please remember, that if you are not sure if you want to promote our paysites the right way - contact us describing your ideas and we'll try to assist you with answers to all your questions ASAP.


I have not received a check. What do I do?

Answer »Like we said before, you get your checks from the same people we do - so if something is wrong with your checks, contact CCbill at


How do you retain members?

Answer »Simply we update our paysites on a daily basis + we give our members free unlimited access to other paysites when he joins one. We also dedicate a lot of time to customer support. Since we’ve been doing this for so long, we know what sells and what retains and manage/market our sites accordingly.


Why should I send you my traffic?

Answer » has proven itself as a long term and successful company. The owners/operators of have a good names and long term successful career in adult CJ, TGP, Tubes, AVS and paysite business on both barricade sides - as promoters and as operators of paysites, this unique experience has played a great role in running as very successful business! We still run our own TGP, AVS, Tube sites and blogs and we offer you the best converting and rebilling paysites you could dream of. By having a clear vision of what we need to do to have you happy we can deliver you with the best tools, tour designs and know-hows that will make you satisfied.


What if I refer you other webmaster?

Answer »Each webmaster you refer to us will earn you an additional 5% for each sale and rebill they make! is dedicated to providing our webmasters with everything they need to run a high converting campaign.